Drop-in for MetaMorph

Microvolution® Deconvolution Software for MetaMorph®

  • Operates as a Drop-in to MetaMorph® Microscopy and Imaging Software
  • Deconvolves images from widefield, confocal, two-photon, light sheet, and HCA microscopes
  • Delivers almost instantaneous deconvolution
  • Easy to use
  • Callable from a journal
  • Unlike other vendors, deconvolves your images with accuracy
  • Enables 3-D Deconvolution
  • Works on computers that have NVIDIA GPU boards incorporated into the computer hardware. For computer specifications, click here
  • For Manufacturer's Product Specifications, click here
Please note there are 2 software packages that need to be purchased in order to have a fully functional MetaMorph Drop-in:
  • The first one is Microvolution’s Deconvolution Software for MetaMorph which can be purchased from Microvolution or one of its distributors--to request a quote please email: sales@microvolution.com
  • The second is the MetaMorph Connector which needs to be purchased from Molecular Devices or from a MetaMorph distributor. See Molecular Devices’ Website to request more information or a quote for the Microvolution Connector: moleculardevices.com/systems/metamorph-research-imaging or if you prefer, send an email to: sales@microvolution.com

We offer the following add-on option to the Microvolution® Deconvolution Software for MetaMorph®:

Blind Deconvolution Option

  • Algorithm modifies the PSF during the run to correct for extra aberrations
  • Ideal for deep tissue imaging and other noisy applications
  • Point spread functions are determined by computer for optimal imaging

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