Plugin for ImageJ/Fiji

Microvolution® Software for ImageJ delivers almost instantaneous deconvolution using your computer's GPU

Key features

  • Runs up to 200x faster than CPU-based methods
  • Easy to use ImageJ plugin
  • Deconvolves your images with accuracy
  • Enables both 2-D and 3-D Deconvolution
  • Can use either a theoretical or measured PSF
  • Comes with access to the full API for easy integration into your workflow
  • Operates in Windows, Mac, and Linux
  • Works on computers that have NVIDIA GPU boards incorporated into the computer hardware. For computer specifications, click here
  • For Manufacturer’s Product Specifications, click here

We offer these add-on options to the Microvolution® Deconvolution Software:

Blind Deconvolution Option

  • Algorithm modifies the PSF during the run to correct for extra aberrations
  • Ideal for deep tissue imaging and other noisy applications
  • Point spread functions are determined by computer for optimal imaging

Batch Option

  • Simplifies processing of large datasets, e.g. multi-channel timelapse experiments
  • Reduced memory needs for big images

Multi-GPU Option

  • Enables faster computation of very large images
  • Processes multiple channels or time points in parallel
  • Operates with 2 or more NVIDIA GPU cards. For computer specifications, click here