Optimizations for HPC

Microvolution® Deconvolution Scales from 1 GPU to 100

Whether you have one server node or many, each with one GPU or 16, Microvolution easily scales up to match your needs with your capabilities. Using your choice of any programming language we support, you can integrate this software into your processing workflow, regardless of job scheduler or data layout. We provide example scripts and executables to quickly get you started, and assistance with the API to build your own custom interface.

Read more about how Microvolution deconvolution and deskew scales up to 8 GPUs using a DDN AI200 storage system and NVIDIA DGX-1 with lattice light sheet and spinning disk data: Download the whitepaper

Microvolution is now available through the NVIDIA GPU Cloud (NGC) as either a Docker or Singularity container for easy deployment and resource provisioning.